About Us

Our Story

Kleins Business Services CC was founded in 2002 by members and siblings Hilton and Judy-Ann Klein.

Hilton has 23 years experience in the electrical motor rewinding industry, and he is supported by Judy-Ann who oversees the financial and administrative affairs of the business. They both invest and engage in Marketing and customer relations .

The business continues to grow strong with its eminent vision and effective communication within the industry.


Our mission is to provide a 24-hour service ensuring our clients are highly satisfied and remain operational. At all cost, we aim to minimize downtime since we value that time is money. We pride ourselves in building mutually beneficial long lasting relationships.

We also have the ability to procure to our customers unique requirements. 


We pride ourselves in being a fully compliant BEE Level 1, 50 % female owned contributor. Recognizing the value women add to our ever changing economy, we are committed to gender equality as we continue to grow.


  • Integrity
  • Support Local
  • Customer focused
  • Honesty
  • Accountability 
  • Transparency 
  • Diversity